Everything about CBD

Prescription drugs and manufactured medicines, but this can't be the only cure to heal the body. We believe in the healing power of nature,  that plants have all the benefits we need for a balanced and healthier life.


No doubt that CBD is a super cool wellness product at the moment with many claimed health benefits. There is plenty of ongoing researches without a sure conclusion, but the world still believes that CBD is the answer for many health issues. It may help with pain management, inflammation, anxiety, depression, improves sleeping, just to mention a few. If you feel lost around the topic or where to start hopefully you will find some answers here.


CBD, (short for cannabidiol), is a chemical, non-psychoactive compound, that is coming from the Cannabis Sativa plant and it has amazing health benefits.  There always seems to be a confusion around the terms cannabis, marijuana and hemp, so we are gonna try to clear that up a little bit. Cannabis sativa has two primary species, marijuana and hemp. Both of them contain high amount of CBD. The main difference is the level of THC (short for delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) they produce.

While in marijuana you can find both CBD and THC, Hemp contains minimal amount of THC (under 0.3%). So hemp effects only your body, and marijuana is the mind and body high. But we are not done just yet, nature and science allows us to alter this plants and its compounds the way it fits us most. Probably when you start to look into CBD products you will find the terms full spectrum CBD, board spectrum CBD or entourage effect staring at you. Don’t get intimidated by them, it’s actually fairly easy to understand what they mean. CBD products are mostly extracted from hemp.

During extraction cannabinoids and other compounds are stripped from the plant. Full Spectrum CBD means that the product contains all the  phytochemical, that found in hemp, and all the active compounds work together to amplify the health benefits of each individual cannabinoid. That is what called the entourage effect. Broad spectrum CBD products still produce the entourage effect, only without the THC, that is completely removed from the blend. Which one is better then? It is still hard to tell, it is really up to your needs and how your body will react to the different compounds.

Full spectrum is the least processed CBD, but even tough the THC content is negligible, it still may produce a false positive drug test. Broad spectrum products are great as well, and completely legal, but your body may not get the full entourage effect.  An other thing you want to consider when you start introducing CBD into your life is the dosage.

Finding the right amount can be tricky and it also depends on what kind you use, or what you want to treat. The potency of CBD can be vary in different brands or products. You can always consult with your doctor, or just start it on your own and choose a blend with lower concentration. You can work your way up and see what is best for you.


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