CBD may help in beating COVID-19

While we are wishing to get back to our normal lifestyle Covid-19 just doesn’t agree. 2020 is the year we will remember for sure, but it also seems to be the year when hemp and CBD gets back its good reputation. Researchers are working on the vaccine for coronavirus, and at same time studies being conducted to see if cannabidiol could be the answer to this pandemic.

It appears several ongoing research is examining the effectiveness of CBD in the fight against coronavirus. However further studies are needed for proofs, experts from the University of Nebraska, the Texas Biomedical Research Institute and the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada all seem to be on the same page about how certain cannabis strains anti-inflammatory effects can be crucial treating lung inflammation caused by coronavirus. They specifically focusing on cannabis that are cultivated for medicinal purposes, high in CBD but low in THC,  so people, doesn’t have to worry about the high.

It has been discovered, that CBD is modulating levels of ACE2 (angiotensin-converting enzyme II), that has been known for increasing  the chance of infections in certain “gateway” tissues. These include lung tissue, oral/nasal mucosa, gastrointestinal tract, kidney, and testes. The researchers believe that modulating ACE2 levels in these areas could help to decrease people’s susceptibility to Covid-19.

Also in severe cases of COVID-19 the body's immune system overreacts and releases too many cytokines. Cytokines normally help to create inflammation to fight off infections. But in extreme cases, so much cytokines being released into the system that it creates a cytokine storm. The patient might experience high fever, inflammation, severe fatigue and nausea, and in serious cases, it can lead to death through organ failure. CBD can decrease the over production of  cytokines, that are causing the coronavirus’s sever side effects.

The conclusion seems to be, that cannabis strains high in CBD may not just can help treating COVID-19, but they can be useful making the body more resistant against the initial infection. Given the early stages of these researches the medical society definitely proceeding with caution and it could take some time to conduct experiments on humans, but first steps has been made and the result are eye-opening. 


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